Pinellas Writers

In April 1987, more than 25 people met at the Largo Library to found the critique group now known as PINELLAS WRITERS. Then, and still today, we are the largest writers’ group in Pinellas County, and, from the beginning, have met every Saturday morning (except for a few Christmas Days). Although we began under the name “Pinellas Authors and Writers Organization,” and were widely known for years as “PINAWOR” (an acronym of our formal name), in 2015, we registered the d/b/a PINELLAS WRITERS under the belief that our public name should describe who and what we are.

Back in 1987, PINELLAS WRITERS focused on guest speakers, but after a few years the membership limited the use of guest speakers due to increasing demand for critiquing. By 1993, business discussions were seriously cutting into the time for critiquing, and a seven-person board of directors was formed to manage the organization’s affairs. Formal by-laws were created in 1995, and, in 2003, Pinellas Authors and Writers Organization was formally incorporated as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.

Today, PINELLAS WRITERS is professional in its attitudes and accomplishments. We are active on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, and Meetup. Many of our members are published. Members receive excellent craft-oriented critiquing at our weekly meetings. Our classes are well attended. And, our Holiday Party is a wonderful event we all look forward to. We are proud of our history and look forward to seeing more and more of our writers reach their goals.

Our current Board of Directors is made up of:

Anne Younger, President; Richard Erlanger, Vice President; Carol Perry, Secretary; Judy Hunt, Treasurer; Lee Summerall, Director; Gary Grain, Director; and Sallie Palmer, Director.