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A is for Author: 333 Must-Know Tips for New Writers

Save your writing life with this indespensable resource! Over 333 have-to-know tips and topics for the novice writer in genre fiction. Jump-start your entry into the exciting, demanding world of fiction writing. Speed your development into a competent, successful author.From plotting and character development to self-publishing, branding and marketing, Shayla McBride covers the baby-step basics… (read more)

It Takes a Coven (A Witch City Mystery)

There’s a new witch-hunt in Salem, Massachusetts . . .   When Lee Barrett joins a former student’s bridal party as maid of honor, she expects cake tastings and dress fittings. But wedding planning becomes more peculiar than Lee’s scrying talents could ever predict. There’s a magical baker, a best man with a checkered past,… (read more)

The Surrogates

John Brubaker, a decorated New York City police detective, makes his living in the dead zones. When the city went bankrupt, he lost his pension and was forced to work for whoever will pay him. His work takes him to the most dangerous parts of the City, places the private police will not go, no… (read more)

Witches of Therin

Captain John Conners is a proud member of the NEXUS trade union as was his father and his grandfather before him. His cargo vessel the Cora C was named after his mother who gave her life defending the human race during the Lizarin wars. He accepted a contract from a friend marooned on an asteroid… (read more)

Almost Susan

Kyle Richards has taken delivery of a gift from his boss and best friend. She looks like his dead wife and sounds like his dead wife, but the android companion sitting in his car could never replace the love he’s lost. He has sixty days to evaluate the purchase, and his android companion will do… (read more)


Jim Anderson had just graduated college. He had a whole summer to lose himself and unwind from his six long years of study and commitment. Little did he know when he drove his motorcycle into a small upstate New York town that his life was about to change. His first encounter with a resident of… (read more)

Bored In Death: So Much Noise

“Who knew death would be so boring.” Carla Depolito died more than fifty years ago. The only thing her seventeen-year-old spirit has to look forward to is “skimming” – hitching a ride on a living being. They can’t see her or hear her and she can’t interact with them in any way. Her only experience… (read more)

Outside Gravity: Poems from a Personal Journey

Outside Gravity contains lyrical, crafted poems about loss, grief, and coming to terms with both death and life. These poems are seasoned by an international life and close observation about what really matters. In Outside Gravity, many poems grapple with the loss of a young son and the nearly crippling grief that followed. But this… (read more)

Love’s Orbit

The poems in this book have been organized into three sections, which correspond to levels of consciousness, and may be represented by clouds at different altitudes. Clouds regenerate and guarantee all life on earth. They hydrate our warming planet like water stops for a long distance runner. They are our lifeline.

Legend (The Hunter Trilogy Book 1)

An epic adventure which captures the wild beauty of the natural world of wolves, as well as the tainted and complex world of men and, through the inward search of its haunted main character, mingles them together in a tale fraught with terror and tenderness, savagery and serenity. Although the story shifts nimbly between the… (read more)

Guardian (The Hunter Trilogy)

Guardian is the third and final novel in the Hunter trilogy. It is the story of one wolf, Rabbitrunner, becoming the protector of his kind and fighting against the pogrom of men who wish to wipe wolves from the face of the American frontier in nineteen sixties Minnesota. It is the story of one man,… (read more)