Fabulous Class Offerings In January, February, and March

All classes held from 1PM to 3PM at Panera’s Bardmoor Community Room (SE corner Starkey and Bryan Dairy Rds).

Cost: $10 for paid Pinellas Writers members, $15 for non-members.

JAN. 27: GMC, MRU, and You, with Lee Summerall. Goal-Motivation-Conflict and Motivation-Reaction-Units will change how you deal with realistic tension and conflict in your scenes.

FEB. 17: See it. Say it. With poet Lennie Hay. Enhance your creativity in all formats with this innovative class. Explore ekphrastic poems (inspired through images). A fun way to improve your visual-detail writing skills.

FEB. 24: Let’s Explore Book Covers, with Lee Summerall and Richard Erlanger. A quick but detailed tutorial on making a professional, genre-appropriate exterior for your e-book using pre-made covers. Bring your laptop or tablet.

MAR. 17: Memoir, with Annemarie Miklo. Learn effective ways to communicate your personal story with this intensive immersion.

MAR. 24: How the Great Masters Can Take Your Writing to the Next Level, with Lee Summerall. This innovative class will explore where great art and your writing intersect to bring nuance to your work.

MAR. 31: How to Write a Ballad, with Pat Callan. Pat’s lively classes always teach you a lot. Ballads can up your tension awareness and your facility with words. Bring pen and paper.

April 7: From Cozy to Bloodbath: the Mystery Genre, with Carol Perry and Lee Summerall. An overview of various genres and their requirements, and how to hack them.

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